Comfort Zone

Regardless of what we do, we all have a comfort zone where we feel safe and secure in our lives and jobs. The longer we remain in our comfort zone the less likely we will new try things. There for I feel strongly that it is important to periodically take a step outside of our normal zone.

For about 20 plus years I tried hard to make photographs with no people in scene. I became extremely patient in this practice even to the point of waiting hours if not days to achieve this goal. I became very good at this and the thought of photographing people again kept getting further from my mind.

Then we started taking our RV to Yuma Arizona for the winter. We started working in a large RV Park and after one season I was asked if I would be the park photographer. After giving it some thought I decided it was time to try something new and for the next five winters I became an event photographer.


The first season was full of growing pains not just for myself but for the winter visitors who were not used to having their pictures taken while they were enjoying the many activities the resort had to offer. At first people were camera shy and questioning what I was doing, it was not long before they where hamming it up for the camera. From my side of the camera I was getting reacquainted with the process of photographing people, which happened in a short time.

Eventually I was tasked with photographing the Las Vegas style show that came to the resort several times during the season. This again was out of my comfort zone, but all I had to do was concentrate on getting the picture. It became a great way to experience the shows as some times the performers would allow me up on stage behind them but hidden so I could photograph the audience.


As time wore on I started to miss being out in nature and excluding people from my images.

At the end of the fifth year of being  the park photographer I felt that it was time to move on to the next phase of my photography. This was partially precipitated by our move to our new home in Tucson.

I feel that my time photographing events in a large Rv Park made me a better photographer in general, and I carry many great memories and images from this period in my life.

Back to recording the beauty of the natural world around us and sharing these images with my viewers. A few years later the next opportunity to step out of my comfort zone came along, but that is another story.