Crisp Clean Photography

Crisp Clean Photography



I often hear customers  say they can not believe how crisp and clean my photographs are. To which I explain that my goal is to put the viewer of my images in my shoes at the time of the exposure.


There are three things (in my opinion) that need to occur to make the image. First is the research, second is the technical ability and last and most important is to get lucky.

What I mean by the research is knowing your subject (animal behavior, scenic location, sunrise or sunset etc.) This can be done ahead of time online or by visiting the location to get orientated.

Technical ability comes from knowing your gear and having experience using it. This comes through practice and the more the better. I’m not just referring to the camera and lens but also the tripod, light meter, filters, GPS, computer and post processing software.

Luck refers to Mother Nature  being good to you and giving you the sweet light, clouds, animals and even the presence or lack other humans.

For more  than thirty years I used a large format camera (4X5). These cameras are about as far away as you can get from a point and shoot. They are fully manual, I had to put the camera together and mount it on the tripod before I even began to compose the image. Focus and calculate exposure check focus, test shutter, insert film holder and expose the film and then repeat this process for a total of four exposures of two color transparencies and two black and white, open shutter, then re check focus, tear camera down move on and repeat for each image.

Photographing from a tripod has become so natural that when I do not use one it just feels wrong.