El Arco




At the southern tip of Baja California near Cabo San Lucas lies an area that the locals call Lands End. Jutting out into the water is an impressive rock formation where one will find “El Arco” or The Arch. It is at this point where the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez meet.

This is one of the most photographed locations in Cabo San Lucas. It is so important to the cities tourism industry that it has been used in many logos. One could argue that the arch is as important to Cabo San Lucas as a particular mouse is to a movie maker and his theme parks.

Most of the time there is no beach under the arch, but when the tides allow, a beautiful sandy beach appears. There is no timetable between appearances. 

I was lucky enough to visit Cabo twice this year, once in May and the second time in October. In May there was no sand, on my October visit I learned that the sandy beach had recently appeared. I found this out while on a two-hour boat trip that included “El Arco”. Our boat was one of many in the area, and unlike most, ours had an upper deck where I posted myself, as we had only a few short minutes to photograph the arch.

The images you see here are the result of being ready and having mother nature smile that morning.