Sorry, I’m Working

No! I am not going to stop my photographic work to take a snap shot of you with your phone. Sorry!

At the end of the day as the sun drops below the horizon, a time photographers call magic hour begins. This hour is not necessarily 60 minutes long but it usually has some of the most beautiful light of the entire day. During magic hour there is a sweet spot that lasts maybe five minutes if we are lucky.

This light is what can make the difference between an ordinary every day image and a WOW image. During this time I will ignore every one in order to capture an image, including my wife.

At Christmas time a couple of years ago I was photographing Mission San Xavier del Bac during the annual Patronato’s Christmas at San Xavier. I prefer this time of year as there is more lighting on the Mission which helps balance the scene with the light of the sky.

The concert was about fifteen minutes from starting. While people were milling around waiting to go in they were taking selfies here and there and the light was just entering the sweet spot of magic hour. I was busy looking through the view finder and making exposures with no one was in my scene. I felt a tap on my shoulder and heard a man’s voice ask if I would take their photo with his phone. Stunned I said no I am sorry I am working. Apparently he did not like my response as he made some rude comment that I have chosen to forget.

I have no issue taking a photo for someone with their phone or camera. But if I am busy making exposures with my camera please do not ask.