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Customer Reviews

Your Minnesota pictures are by far my favorite because they are home, they show the beauty that is here, that many don't see or don't care to see. I also feel that I'm right there, like stepping on those stones at The Headwaters. 

The desert pictures show a different beauty, but beautiful none-the-less.

No matter where your photos, artwork is done or taken, it's beautiful and lets me see something that I may never see, or I have seen and brings back a wonderful memory.

Lorri Bruce

I worked in the southwest for a year. One of the few stunning photographs I've seen that captures the true beauty of the area.

 -Gary Simmons

Your images of Mission San Xavier are the best I've ever seen.  I just love mine!  - Denise Baggen

“What draws me to your photography is the beauty and simplicity yet it's complex with feeling and is thought provoking in such a wonderful way it takes a person to another level with each and every picture. I have always loved nature and I'm unable to get out like I used to. Seeing images like these that you produce takes me where I can't go and let's me live through my eyes the life I want to live. Thank you.” -Edna

I have admired Peter Hawkins Artistry since the early 1990's. He has a keen perceptive eye when it comes to capturing a unique timeless image, whether it be a lovely Loon on a Lake, or the rare Aerial lift Bridge in Duluth,Mn. It must take a lot of planning and time waiting for the right light to create a keepsake.Plus if you are one of his Clients, Peter makes sure everything is better than expected! - Lynn from Duluth,Mn

Peter is very personable and easy to do business with. I will be ordering two more of his prints from Minnesota.  - Joyce


We love how Peter captures nature and brings clarity and beauty to each photograph. He is a uniquely talented and gifted artist. - Rich & Anne

Peter Hawkins has the unique ability to take a picture at the precise moment that captures the beauty of his subject. I love his art!!! - Gail

I now have a beautiful print of a magnificent flowering Saguaro. Peter captured it perfectly. I’m very happy with my print being made on canvas. It was professionally produced to a high quality. It’s not often that something exceeds my expectations but this certainly does. Peter’s customer service was exceptional. I could not be happier. - Julie

"Greetings!  This is Sandra who bought the beautiful saguaro sunset photo yesterday. I just wanted to thank you again for making such things of beauty and show you where it ended up”  - Sandra

“Love, love, love this photo. So serene and peaceful.”   -Monica (Groton, Ct.)

“Peter's vision through his camera lens provides a gift for us to appreciate.”   -Paul and Kathy


“Peter has an extraordinary eye that stems from an awareness that escapes most of us. He sees detail and beauty that go unnoticed by others, and viewing his photos is like seeing nature for the first time. Peter is a gifted photographer and a delight to work with.”

     - Scott Stroud (Business Development Manager at Power Marketing)

“Peter's photo's are of the highest quality. I highly recommend Peter for any photo job out there. He is very personable and easy to do business with. Thanks Peter for all your work!”

    - Caren Smith (Owner, Itasca Sports Rental, Inc.)

“Peter is passionate about his photography and it shows in his in his portfolio. Gary and I had the pleasure of walking with Peter through the Tumacacori National Park and was delighted with the energy and sensitivity to details which Peter has when he scouts out the "perfect" photo shoot. We both enjoy your work, your sense of humor and your quest for perfection.”

    -Brenda Jaleel and Gary Sherman (Yuma)

“Thank you so much for the opportunity to enjoy your delightful photographs. You have a unique talent and amazing eye for capturing what is meaningful in the light, color and focus in your pictures.

God bless you with many more years on this earth!


    - Lorraine Keppel

“Thanks Peter for your photos. Sites most of us will never see. Yet you let everyone enjoy.”

    -Jeff Schneider

“Great Site. Love the professional Pictures.

Visiting from way up here in Canada... Nanaimo, BC..Vancouver Island.”

    - Earl and Bev Johnson

“Beautiful images! I always enjoy seeing what has been your latest visual arena of interest.”

  - Bill Parsons ( Peter’s high school art teacher)

“Peter: always a pleasure to see your photos. They are outstanding! I love both the Tumacacori photos as we have been there and also the backyard nature photos. I especially love the quail pictures as they are favorites of mine! Keep up the good work and keep sending them to us!”

    - Mary Harder (Visitors from Yuma)

“Great photos, Peter. They show God's handiwork in the beauty of the southwest desert.”

    - Dianne Musselman (Ontario Canada)

“My boyfriend Bart lives in Fargo, North Dakota and fell upon one of your photographs and bought it. He is also a photographer and loves your work. You have inspired us to keep moving and keep believing! Thank you and God Bless,   

 - Diann

I love outside pictures and nature.  Growing up by the Kennebec River we had blue heron around my Gram called one Old Joe.  So I have always loved them.  Thank you for your note.  Enjoy seeing your photos.

- Audrey

I love the composition and colors of your photos.  You are very talented.

- Sue Buckley

I am passionate about the beauty of nature. I suffer from mobility problems, so I love to enjoy photos of natural beauty posted by those who can still get around. 

-  Ava

I love the clarity of your pictures and the way you capture the light. Your colors are amazing and the shots you take are glorious. I do enjoy looking at your pictures and can usually discover something new each time I look at them. 

Thank you for sharing the way you see things!

  • Kris

 I have lived in many places in the wonderful country of ours and had always hoped to see more of it.  I love your capture of beautiful color and your subjects inspire me to look beyond the obvious.

Thank you for reaching out,

Cheri Cone.

This video is amazing! I have seen the Grand Canyon from the Northern Rim.

I imagine any view of the canyon is a sight to behold!

-Ellen McConnell

I am not usually a huge fan of landscape photography but yours is exceptional. I absolutely love the southwest style. You should come to Montana for endless beauty and inspiration and unique landscapes and weather. Stars are beautiful here too. :) 

-Brandy Anne

I love this picture. Years ago I worked for the Arizona Dept of Corrections. My academy was in Tucson. Even though I moved back home to Washington State, I miss AZ.

- Joey W Jordan

I was raised on the east coast, Bar Harbor, Maine to be exact. Growing up, I heard all the stories from visitors regarding how beautiful the area was. I never really understood "that feeling" until I lived in southern CO for a brief spell in the 80's. I absolutely knew that my very soul needed to be in the SW. Skip forward many years. My husband and I retired to Albuquerque almost 4 yrs. ago. There isn't any other place where I feel more at peace, than in the desert of the SW. The vast openness, amazing colors and mountains all speak to me. I know that's why your work appeals to me - it touches my very soul. You are exceptionally gifted!

- Mary Lauzau

Seeing your lovely cactus painting brought me back to happier travel memories of Sedona Arizona. Your artwork reminded me of the lovely hues and colors of the Southwest.  I have the perfect spot on my den wall if I am the lucky winner!

-Sherri Starr

That is a great shot. It is just perfect. The light, the shade, the tree, the dept of field, and the gate open towards the camera. 

Have a great day

Thank you

- Mike Myer

I’ve been taking photos for as long as I can remember. My first camera was a Kodak 110 Instamatic (c. 1966, I still have it) - and I inherited my Dad’s Argus 35mm camera he got in the early 1940s during WWII when I was a teenager.

Your photo of ‘Door & Cactus’ is such a great capture of simplicity and colors. I love it! On my trip to Greece a decade ago, I was enthralled with taking pics of doorways and windows - a different tact for my usual landscape and people shots.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos!

- Christina Pender

“Headwaters Heron” As the photo came into focus my mouth went open and I said "oh, wow in a whisper!!”

- Sallie Beaumont Mackie

Peter, I love looking at natural photography. I also grew up in Duluth. 

Plus, my husband is a watercolor artist and loves painting skies. 

I the post on Facebook what drew me to check out your page was the three clay pots on a bench. Great capture!.

On a side not, I too am dyslexic. I get it!

Looking forward to watching your page. 

Have a great day

-    Theresa Rypstra

Love your work!  I'm an elder in a wheelchair, and love to travel using your dreamy work!  Always wanted to see the desert in bloom! 

-     Beverly Sherman

Absolutely beautiful. You should be proud. 

-    Sarah Teague

Just had to thank you for that incredibly beautiful trip through 30 years of Itasca State Park!

God bless and keep you always!

-    Aviana NW

I too enjoy photography.  So your Monsoon Light was just beautiful.  You have a great eye to make each shot fabulous.  Thanks for sharing your art. 

-    Mary Oltmans

Your work allows me to smile...if only for awhile,  and dream of places where beauty comes naturally.  God bless you ❀

-    Amy Scribner

I love your photographs of Lake Itasca Minnesota,  I live around 75 miles east of there. you did a wonderful job

-     John

This looks like a gorgeous state park!

You really captured the beauty, sounds & total environment.

It makes anyone want to see it!

-    Ellen in NJ

That is a beautiful picture and thanks for your story of how it came to be. Makes me wish I could experience it some time

-   Brian Weber

Artists give people something they didn’t know they were missing. Thanks Peter!

      -    Linda Wiliams

I enjoy your artwork because I have always wanted to travel but sadly life hasn't taken me to all the wonderous places I have dreamed of going. I love seeing the world through the eyes of others. Your wonderful photography opens windows for me to look through. Many times I want to know more so I research and read on a location  or an animal depicted . It keeps my mind young to learn new things. Thank you again for the opportunity to acquire a magnificent piece of art.  

  • Carolyn Spears Cooper 

In reply to your email question I love and have a great appreciation for the beauty of our world.  Your photos encapsulate that beauty by freezing moments of it in time.  Your work is the type that will be appreciated long after we are gone as it holds the beauty of what was and I fear may not exist 100 years from now unless we take a good look at ourselves as a species and start appreciating what has been given to us.

  • Cherie

I love your photography. It is quite amazing how you are able to capture the clouds, or the snow. That in and of itself becomes the statement of your picture which is just beautiful. I was also impressed to hear that you have dyslexia. I myself have have endured with dyslexia also.  But, to my credit I have managed to acquire three Bachelors degrees. Needless, to say I don't really use my degrees to any benefit because am basically a stay a home mom. 

  • Tamatha

Good Morning Mr. Hawkins,  I do enjoy your photos.  In all the chaos of day by day events, it's refreshing to see photos of the beauty of your work! 

   Some make me remember places, some make me want to jump in my car and go there.  All are interesting!  Good work!  Thanks for letting me join your website! 

  • Jane Rader

I enjoy peaceful, natural settings and wildlife in its natural habitats. I find a natural beauty, peace and relaxation those photos. And I have to admit that some of yours are just spectacular!!! πŸ˜ƒ. I follow a couple others as well, and y’all have your own skills to photograph such beauty and grace in nature and the animal kingdoms. I’m very impressed. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜ƒ

- Bobbie McGahan

What I love about your photos are the way you capture the light on what you are trying to accent in your photos . Also love the dark clouds in the backgrounds which cause drama and makes the light in your photos really pop. It is extremely hard to pick just one favorite photograph! Well done!

  • Sandy Pendleton

You are such a great artist You have put a lot of work into your art your art Is a masterpiece Great work 

Thank you for what you create. 

Art can speak things that can't always be said with words. Through your craft, you help others to evoke and validate their emotions, providing comfort that we are not the only ones feeling a certain way.

- Diva Boo

Thank you for the opportunity to win this beautiful piece of art! I think that you're extremely talented and you do beautiful work. I love anything that makes me feel something especially pictures that look like the desert being part Native American they just make me feel like I belong!

  • Annie Caine

This is beautiful,  thank you for allowing me to enter for a chance to get this beautiful piece of Art. I love your work, all of your work is a great work of Art. Thank you!

  • Sherry Tiller

The beauty of it.  The are stunning and detailed.

-AnnMarie Thoburn

I love the color and feeling in your pictures.  I have always enjoyed photography, and nature, but never seem to quite catch what I am seeing and feeling in my own. Your pictures capture so much of what I would like to,  and give me a real feel for the scenes you are shooting.

Thanks for sharing.

  •   Pam

     Thank you for accepting my entrance into your drawing. I love your work and the pictures you produce are absolutely beautiful. I think the fact that they are actual pictures of things that I have seen during my lifetime means so much to me. I am now 81 years old and still quite lively but do not travel near as much as I did in my earlier years. My husband was career military so we traveled quite a lot. I always tried to accompany him when it was possible. After he passed away from service connected injuries the beauty of things we had seen together meant much more to me. I have since remarried and my husband and I spend the winters in Arizona and our summers in Iowa. So many of the sites you have pictures of are almost as we get to experience here in Arizona and the beautiful duck that is one of your favorite is like the ones we get to see in Iowa and the Midwest. Thanks so much for caring about our feelings about your artwork, and thanks especially for the memories that it brings to me.

  •     Mary Reicks

I love the way you use light in you photos!

The photos that are of the southwestern desert really captures the desert that I love!!!

-        Debby Keller

So relaxing and realistic.  Wow

-     Dave Anderson

Your artwork jumps out at you. It grabs you and brings you into the world your viewing. I would love to win!

-     Joey J.

Your pictures take me to where i have never been and in reality probably never will.  They are beautiful.  So pleased with your talent.  Thank you.

  • Mary Monaghan

Can’t believe I actually won this Saguaro Cactus wrapped canvas print by Peter Hawkins !   I was very impressed with the quality and also care in the packaging and care instructions - even complimentary hook for hanging!  Very professionally done. Impressed and what a fun surprise!  Didn’t believe it til it arrived! Kitty approved

  • Brenda Baker

I love your work is so real and colorful! God’s gift to us! I also love the animals! It’s like you’re sitting right beside them! Another thing is that you enjoy what you’re doing! I think that’s important too!

I’m so glad that I got your email!


Hi, Peter. I love the way your photos draw me in, connecting me with the places you so expertly capture. I’m thrilled with the colors and contrasts, feeling the time of day

- Frank

Thank you for letting me be included in your giveaway! Your work is just amazing! I live on an island in the Southeast and the views of ocean and sunset are magnificent also but there's just something about the rugged nature of the West/Southwest that steals my heart! 




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